Committee for Appeals and Objections (CBB)

Committee for Appeals and Objections (CBB)

You can lodge an appeal with this committee against a written decision which directly affects your interests within six weeks of the date of the decision. Such decisions may include the following:

  • (the termination of) your enrolment

  • Registration of study delay

  • Granting time to perform administrative tasks and study grants.

If you disagree with the contents of a decision regarding your enrolment, your tuition fees or particular financial compensations, you can lodge an objection by writing a letter of appeal to the Executive Board.

Contents letter of appeal
Your letter of appeal must at least include the following:

  • Your name, address, place of residence and phone number;

  • The date on which the appeal is lodged (the date of the appeal);

  • A clear description of the decision against which you are appealing;

  • Your arguments for why the decision is unjust.

The letter of appeal must be signed and, if at all possible, you are required to include a copy of the disputed decision.

Please send your letter of appeal to
Executive Board of Leiden University
P.O. Box 9500
2300 RA Leiden

Regulations for Appeals and Objections (CBB)


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Last Modified: 06-06-2013